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Friday, September 24, 2010

Weekend !!

HEY ! :]

It is now the weekend. TGIF ! :]

What are your plans??? Even just reading a book is a plan, so comment below! :]

Here are my plans:

Friday[Today]-CSI. NCIS. Law & Order. Criminal Minds. Snapped...etc. I LOVE those kind of shows. I watch em all the time! So today shall be my marathon with some good ol' hot cocoa!

Whats your favorite show?? :]

Saturday-FOOTBALL! I love sports so I shall be watching a few of my teams! :] Also, I shall be going to watch my little brother beasting in flag football. His team is currently 2-0 ! :]

Whats your favorite team?? Did you ever play football? Are your kids playing?? :]

Sunday-Church. Prepare myself for school & probably just hang out. :]

Ps. Check out my GIVE AWAY post if you haven't already! :]

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