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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Everyday Faces.

There is just something so fascinating about the human face.
I love taking photos of people and here are a few:
What do you like photographing or like looking at?
Tell me what you think!


  1. Those are awesome pictures!! Seiously! Great shots! I like taking pics of my girls...as you probably know...:)

  2. Cool pictures!
    I love taking pictures of flowers and other small details...

  3. The human face DOES leave a lot to study, doesn't it? Something to ponder! I'll be staring at my family's faces today! lol
    I don't use a camera too much-I'm actually a bit shy about getting it out and using it on people! BUT! My daughter is excellent with having an eye for good photographs, and my brother is a new photographer-he's finding it a passion he loves. I enjoy looking at their pictures.
    I love wedding pictures, and the neat ideas that come up for poses and backgrounds.
    I also like "everyday life" pictures-the front of a house with the flowers around it, the old fashioned car parked near the road, etc.

  4. I especially like nature shots of mountains, vegetation, animals, rivers or streams. I will be doing a lot of picture taking next month when we go on our cruise to the Bahamas. I will be sharing some of them on my blog found at:
    http://odielangley.blogspot.com Have a super great weekend.

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  6. Great pictures!! You got a great eye, and I agree, faces convey so much :)

  7. @Jenn-Thankya! Aw, yes I do. There are cuties!

    @Ray-Thanks! Oh, thats neat!

    @Kristyn-Thankyouu! Sweet!

    @Josanne-It DOES!Lol. Aw thats great! Good for him! Ooo neat!

    @Odie-Oh nice nice! Lucky! Cant wait to see the pics!

    @Nan- Awesome! I shall check out your things!

    @Shannon-Aw thankss!Most def!


  8. I agree with you! Some of my favorite photos are ones I've taken of strangers on the street.

    These are fabulous captures!