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Thursday, September 9, 2010

10 things!

So checking out Emilys blog at http://shutterbug323.blogspot.com/ I saw her neat post about 10 things about her. Now here are 10 things you shall now know about me! :]

1.) Im a chocolate fanatic. Brownies. M&Ms. Hershey. Hot cocoa. Cocoa Puffs. Almond Joy. Anything Milk chocolate. Those little kisses. I LOVE like almost anything chocolate. Thats a great way to make me happy.

2.) Dont mess with my Kansas Jayhawks. Ever since I've been little they have been my favorite team e v e r. I have so many KU items. I also had the chance to meet several players when my mom worked at that University.

3.) Basketball is my favorite sport. Im pretty ballin. ;]

4.) Sometimes I walk into a room it might smell normal to you but for me, it will be horrible & my stomach gets all nauseated. It's very weird.

5.) I love those murder or mystery shows. CSI. First 48. Without a Trace. Cold Case. Dateline. 20/20. 48 hours. Criminal Minds. Law & Order. Snapped. You name it, I love it!

6.) Facebook is my best friend.

7.) I always have my camera. Im a photoholic. I have like a million pictures on facebook & flikr of like weddings to hangouts.

8.) Im not a textaholic. I text alot. But not that much.

9.) Im such a picky eater.

10.) I love to smile.

Now its your turn...share something about yourself below! :]

For every 10 more followers I get I will keep adding to this!

Spread the word!

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