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Friday, September 3, 2010

Miley Cyrus

What is your view on Miss. Miley Cyrus?

If you seen some of her outfits..Do you think they are appropriate for her age?

That is from her new video...Can't be tamed.

Do you think she is still a good role model?

Are your kids in love with Hannah Montana?
[I admit I still watch that show a bit] Lol

Do you think she should of stopped Hananah Montana this soon?

Just post your comment below! :]


  1. for me, I don't think her outfits are too riskay for her age...I think they just shock us because we're not used to it...

    and me personaly I get aggravaited when parents get upset at celebs for being "bad role models"..pardon my french...but the parents are supposed to be the damn role model...they need to stop letting tv raise their kids...that's just my two cents :D

  2. Someone who knows that she's a role model to kids should NOT be dressing/dancing/acting the way she does.
    I'm just really disappointed how she turned out.

  3. i think she has stepped outside of herself and is trying to fit into the categories like beyonce.


  4. @Falen Aka Thundercat-Oh alright. I see your point.

    @Jennohara-You took the words right out of my mouth.

    @New Day Outreach-True. True. Ps. I shall go check out ur blog!

    Thanks everyone! :]

  5. I know this is hard to say {I've loved Miley too} but it really doesn't help to be judgemental on how bad she is, it won't really help anything. It's awesome that we have opinions but it doesn't help to go on and on about how bad Miley is. Yes, Miley has done some less then "totally awesome" things. All I have to say is check out this link, it nails this issue of how bad or good Miley is!:

    I'm sorry if any one doesn't see it the same, this is my view and you have your own vie and I respect that! :)

  6. @Josie-Man, that is true! I shall check out the link! Thanks for the commment! :]