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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Freedom Writers!

So this is my last day of "freedom" after 12am most of my time will be made up of school, school & more school. Lol. However, Im more of the social type so I will get involved in a handful of clubs and try to go to some of those friday night football games. As hard as my parents try, i know i will also make room for texting, blogger & facebook. :D
Today I've just been chillen. I went to the new student orentiation for my new school then came home got my snacks & settled on my bed for an eposide of CSI. I love those type of shows. After that watched Freedom Writers on MTV. Now if you haven't seen this movie you HAVE too. And here is why...

This is a great inspiring story. A must see for all teens+. I've seen this like four or five x now & each time it gets better. When I watched it today I even cried. Lol.
Here are picture clips:

A nice picture of their bond.

This is from the part when the students do a group hug after hearing a student read a page from his diary.

Here is the Freedom Writers Cast.

Now here are the actual Freedom Writers. The real people behind this incredibe story.

I hope you take a chance to see it if you haven't already.

Do you have a movie you reccommend?

Or whats your current favorite movie?? Comment below! :]

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  1. Great Movie. I saw it when it came out and bought it when it was released.

    Anne @ http://lessonsthrulife.com

  2. Neat! It is one of my favorites!
    I shall check out your blog! Sorry for the late reply!