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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September First !

Time sure does fly by.

It's already the 1st of Sept.
[Woot. Woot.]

Does anyone have an goals for the month?
[It can be from not loosing ur mind to getting an A on that test.]

Anything exciting happening this month for you?
[For me, just starting a new school.]

Just have a random question you want to ask?
[Know question is too random to be asked]

Is your birthday this month?
[My sister's bday is on the 3rd. The big 19.]



  1. I'm excited for September. I have a more relaxed goal starting today. Don't take life too seriously. I have my youngest brother visiting me for 10 days this month, I haven't seen him since I moved out to Cali :) and my mom's birthday is on the 28th!

  2. My goals for the month are to set goals :)! Need to wait until the kids are in school to get the time to do it.

  3. My goal for this month is to start doing date nights again with my hubby because we haven't done one in over a year! Much over-due, so you've motivated me to start it back up :)

  4. Let's see, my goals for the month. Just one comes to mind and it's to finish learning my blogger settings. As far as excitement for the month of September, I'm looking forward to returning to work fulltime on the 7th. And no, my birthday isn't this month, but my daughter's is tomorrow. Happy Birthday to your sister today!

  5. @Victoria-Aw sounds great. Happy Early Birthday to your mom. :]

    @Unplanned Cooking-Lol alright. I'll be looking forward to hearing your goals. :]

    @Kerry-Aww well Im glad to be of any help. :]

    @anonynanny-Oh neat, okay. Aw Happy [Early]Birthday to your daughter! Thanks, I'll pass that on! :]

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