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Monday, September 20, 2010

Lovely Blog Award

I just received a "Lovely Blog" award from my friend Victoria. Her blog is:

I was very happy to read about this when I went to check my comments. This is my first award which makes it even sweeter! Thank you a whole bunch Victoria! Now, I would like to award this to some of the bloggers that I enjoy learning so much about.
Drum role please...

3. Tiffany at A Moment Cherished

4. Jenn O'Hara at My Little Rays of Sunshine

5. Emily at Life as a Shutterbug

6. Jessica at {Far From Perfect Sinner}

7. Simple Girl at Inspirations by D

There is a handful of other blogs I have seen that deserve the Lovely Blog Award but I just picked the 7 that came to my mind! If you haven't seen their blog go take a look! :]

PS. Check out my Give Away Post! :]



  1. Awe, thanks Polly! How sweet!! Congratulations on your award, also!! :D

  2. That is so sweet. Thank you, Polly!

  3. Your sweet for that, thank you Polly! I'm moving & will see you back in October.

  4. Aw it was my pleasure!
    Thank you Jenn!
    Simple girl, good luck on the move!