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Monday, January 24, 2011

Is this fair?

My best friend, Gamu just got expelled over breakfest. I can't believe it. Well here is the whole story:

Last week, Gamu (Ga as in GAGA and mu as in MOO), Adrianna, Juanita and myself went to the cafeteria for Gamu and Adrianna to get breakfast since they actually like cafeteria food. Adrianna got this sausage thing it happened to be the last one so Gamu went to get a bagel and she picked up two cream cheeses. The lunch lady told her she can only have one and Gamu told her "Well I eat my bagels with two" then the lunch lady said with an attitude "Well don't eat it then, you can put it back". Gamu then put the bagel back and left with Adrianna. Juanita and I were waiting for them out the door since we don't eat cafeteria food. (Its beyond disgusting). Gamu then told Juanita she should go get the bagel since she already paid for it. Juanita went in there and grabbed it for Gamu but a minute later the lunch lady came and said "you guys need to pay for it." We told her we wouldn't since it was already paid for and it was the bagel that Gamu should have gotten. The lunch lady then told Gamu to come over and tell her what her name was but Gamu asked "what for?" the lunch lady said don't worry about it. Then Gamu walked away and then the lunch lady said she was going to give her a referral. The thing is Gamu has already had quite a few referrals and has been suspended before so that was basically her last chance. When she went to talk to the assistant principal about her referal he weouldn't even let us in to help explain the story since we were witnesses. Today, Gamu and her parents came in for the meeting but he already made his decision. She is now expelled. I think this is ridiculous she gets expelled over this but nothing we can do about it now. Right?

What do you guys think?
Should we try and do something?
Is it fair?


  1. Well, I think that this is just another example of today's school systems not caring about a childs (teenager's) education. To expel a student because they picked up a bagel in the cafeteria that was already paid for - well that is just absurb. I am a Secondary Education major and this is not what is tought to today's educators. We are tought to teach kids how to succeed in life. How does a kid learn how to succeed and achieve in life when they aren't allowed to be in class? Sitting at home is not the answer.

    On the other hand, you did mention that Gamu has had a number of referrals. Mind you, this was a ridiculous referral, I am sure that this played a HUGE factor. It would all depend on what the previous referrals were for. Maybe thier view was that Gamu was disrespectful...IDK. I wasn't there. I have found that with dealing with the Principal or School Board can get you no where(I have a younger brother that was in and out of trouble a lot). So I would say...when Gamu goes back to school, maybe try to talk to the Principal (not the AP) about the cafeteria situation. If that does nothing, leave it alone, and try not to get any more referrals.

    Whew! That was long winded!

  2. Yeah, very good point! Yep I know, she's been at home all week doing nothing.

    Yes she has, but idk for what. Oh that's what I'm starting to see too. Thanks, I think I will try the principal because he is more fair and doesn't have any 'grudge' against her.

    Haha, I def appreciate your comment! :]