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Saturday, January 1, 2011


Whoohoo 2010 is o v e r ! This year went by fast!

I wish a new year brought a clean new slate but it doesn't.
Everything still follows you but you just have to get thru it somehow.

It's 2:28 am and I might be doing an all-nighter but I doubt I shall make it...

Just comment below to the following questions if you'd like! :]

1. What is your New Year resolution?
2. Any cool traditions?
3. Did you stay up all night?
4. Did you take any pictures?
5. Did you watch any firework display?
6. Did you kiss at midnight?
7. How was your whole night all together?

You can answer one or all.

Night! :]


  1. I stayed up until 3 and unfortunately there was no fireworks in my city but i had a great night altogher! hope you had too. Lovely blog, come by mine if you'd like xoxo

  2. Oh well I'm glad to hear that! Thanks! I'm on my way to your blog...now! :]