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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School Soon

So school is getting closer & im so not ready. It starts Sept. 10th. Im not looking forward to all the homework. I need to start sleeping earlier for I can be able to wake up at 6am again. Im going to be a junior this year, I'm excited for that! Only two more years to go! Woot woot! Lol
Have you started school?
Whats your fav thing about school?
Are you already done with school?


  1. Wow, you start school late! I started on Monday...

  2. Ha i know, it does start later then the midwest.

    Is it going good?

  3. Yep! I haven't started my online classes (biology and geometry) yet - they start September 7th. Everything else I've already started :)

  4. got here from the blogfrog discussion.

    can't wait to read more!


  5. hey I hopped over from the blog frog community, and really like your pictures and how you ask questions to get your readers involved :)
    ...I am 22, so I am out of school, I did go to a college for a year after school but I am all done...but a part of me misses it, the new school supplies, the smells of the new pencils haha yeah I'm weird...but then the other part of me is SO thankful for no homework :)
    Enjoy your last days of summer!!

  6. @Carlotta-Oh okayy! Cool. :]

    @Candice-Oh neat! Thanks. I'll go check out yours! :]

    @Erica-Thanks! :] Lol. Thats understandable.
    Thankyou again! I will. :]