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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Family Gatherings

All day was spent getting ready for 5 o'clock. Whats worse is that we're in the middle of packing up our house in Kansas to move to the WestCoast. Packing=No fun. On the positive side...i saw most of my family & friends. There was food. Music. Food. Cameras. Food.[Lol, okay I'll stop w/ the food thing, but man was it good.] Everyone was there & just having a great time, man goodbyes are the hardest.
What was going down at 5pm you ask?
A huge African gathering. [Im African btw.]

This is my soon to be old house.

I will miss that place. I spent most of my childhood & early teenage years their but more memories our to come in Oregon.

How was your day? :]


  1. How much did your help with the cooking:)??

  2. Im there to eat the food not cook it. :]