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Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Photography!

Hello everyone,

I want to start a small photography buisness. Do you know how I can find a professional mentor? Or..Are you a professional photographer? Would you like to give me tips to improve? I LOVE photography and would like to earn money while doing it. They say you should do something you love...

Here is a link where you can see a few of my pictures: Polly Irungu Photography  (Don't forget to like the page) Also check out the ones below & tell me what you think! Thanks!

Tell me what you think! Thank you!


  1. I think you've got an awesome eye! There's a bunch of easy tips and tutorials online, and if you've jumped on the Pinterest train, if you search "photography tips" a million things will pop up! :)

  2. I think that you have a good eye as well. Are you wanting to do landscape, portrait, wedding...?? The first thing that you need to decide is what kind of photography you want to do. You need to build your portfolio. You should check out photography forums, I recommend I Heart Faces Community, come up with your name...those are the first things that you want to do. (As far as your name, I was told by a lot of people to use my name..i.e. Elizabeth Nafe Photography - I didn't do that - I am Eyeing Memories Photography - you do whatever you want). Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

  3. Love the photo of the flowers coming thru the 'screening' ... I blog about weddings, see: Wed Pics To Die For http://wedpicstodiefor.blogspot.com also have a blog called Defeating the Squirrels and Other Life Lessons Http://defeatingthesquirrels.blogspot.com

  4. Hello Ladies!

    I'm sorry that I never responded but I appreciate your comments!

    I just stuck with my name. Lol

    Thanks! xoxo Polly Irungu