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Monday, November 8, 2010

Ignant [ignorant] people.

This is me sharing just one of the handful encounters of me coming across with ignant people.

Today in my class, we were having a discussion about education. One of the girls in my class asked 'what is malcom x'?

I was like whaaat? I dont know, maybe Im the only one who thinks we should all know the well known civil right leaders such as MLK Jr. Ghandi. & Malcom X. Now he wasn't all 'no violence' but he did make a difference.

After reading this & you remember a time you came across an ignant ? or comment. Tell me ittt.

I love hearing stories!


  1. That just blew my mind!!! Wow! One ignant thing that comes to mind. I'm in an interracial marriage. When we were engaged my coworkers use to ask me things like. What in the world do you talk about? Does he eat what black folks eat? I don't see how you do it! What in the world?? That use to irk the heck out of my nerves.

  2. I remember bein in class during my A-levels, and a girl in my class didn´t know Germany ever had another capitol than Berlin. I mean, this incident happened in Germany. 8 years after the fall of the Berlin wall. I told her Bonn had been the capitol. A day later I asked her, jokingly, hey, do you know know what was the former capitol of our country? To which she replied "Yeah, leave it, I know it was Bochum!"
    I still have to chuckle thinking about that :)

  3. Hi! Cute blog here! new follower from blogfrog!
    Hope you stop by too!

  4. I encounter this a lot in my job. I am a new follower from BlogFrog. LOVE your blog

  5. @ANTM T-Shirt Designs And More-Wow, that is sad. I dont blame you, i would have been annoyed greatly.

    @Helen Clyde-Lol oh wow.

    @Burciko-Thanks, I will! :]

    @Valery-Yea. Thanks! I shall check yours out! :]